Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel. (1839-1901) Complete Piano works, CD 3. Second rerun.

Second rerun of this fabulous set, much praised by me and many others.
An indispensable set. See first review: 21-10-2016.

Bought in May 2016.
First listen: 21-10-2016.
Second listen: 22-10-2017.
Label: Carus.
CD 3 from 10.
Recording dates: April, June, March 2000.
Recording venues: Pianohaus Probst Chur, Peter Kaiser-Saal Eschen. Vaduz. 
Recording engineer: Prezioso Adamek, Töntrager-verlag.
Running time: 78:27.

Works performed:
Jagd-Szene WoO 1.
Vier Klavierstücke opus 1.
Waldmärchen, opus 8, (Fassung 1866)
Waldmärchen, opus 8. (Fassung 1897)
Humoresken, opus 28.
Toccata in e minor, opus 104.
Zwei klaviervorträge, opus 53.

Performed by:
Jürg Hanselmann.

Instruments used:
Steinway Konzertflügel D 530-303. Tracks 1-11.
Bösendorfer Flügel, Modell 225. Tracks 12-16.
Rheinberger Flügel Blüthner, Modell 190, 1898, owned by Barbara Rheinberger. Track 17.

The music speaks volumes!

Cabezon, Antonio de. (1510-1566) (Obras de música CD 6) Compiled and intabulated by Hernando de Cabezón. (Madrid 1578)

From my collection.
Purchase date: October 2012.
First listen: 7-11-2012.
Second listen: 29-1-2013
Third listen: 22-10-2017.
Label: Brilliant.
Licensed from: Stradivarius.
CD 6 from 7.
Recording dates: 2001 & 2010.
Venues:  Museo del convento di S. Giuseppe da Copertino ad Osimo, Ancona, ( Regal) Chiesa Evangelica di Bolzano, (Violas)  Chiesa S. Barbara, Mantova, Organ & Harpsichord.
Sound engineer: Michael Seberich.
Total time: 70:46.

Works on this disc:

Comiençan las canciones glosadas a quatro.
Comienças los versos de Magnificat sobre todos los ocho tonos I.
Comienças las obras de a quatro.

Performed by:

Quartetto Italiano di Viole da Gamba.
Claudio Astronio, Organ, Harpsichord and regal.

Instruments used:
Organ: 1565 Graziadio Antegnati, restored in 2005.
Harpsichord: Tony Chinney, Vicchio after Grimaldi.
Regal: Anonymous late 16th century.

A marvelous CD as all of them are. Experiencing for the third time how exceptional well all is performed. It's simply an immense pleasure to walk through times of the past, and hearing all these old instruments creating sounds that are marvelous to behold. That makes classical music in all it's aspects so interesting, to be able to hear music from the very beginning well into the 21th century. A must have box, for there is no disappointment. The sound is marvelous plus I love the Antegnati organ, a late 16th century instrument.

Ordered today from JPC de....the following releases

Music at the Time of Louis XIV. Sacred Music I & II. CD 3 and 4.

Second rerun of Disc 3 & 4. See review 10-10-2017.
Total time: 77:16 & 76:48.

Composers on disc 3 and 4:

Nicolas Formé.
Guillaume Bouzignac.
Henry de Mont.
Jean Baptiste Lully.
Marc Antoine Charpentier.
Jean Gilles.
Francois Couperin.

Performed by:

Les Pages & Les Chantres du centre de Musique baroque de Versailles, Olivier Schneebeli.
Chœur de Chambre de Namur-Les Solistes.
Ricercar Consort.
Les Arts Florissants.
Le Poème Harmonique, Capella Cracoviensis, Vincent Dumestre.
Ensemble Pierre Robert, Frédéric Desenclos.
Les Agreméns. 
Le Concert Spirituel, Hervé Niquet.
Chœur et Orchestre de La Chapelle Royale, Philippe Herreweghe.
Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès.
And many soloists.

Labels from which the recordings were licensed:
Alpha, Harmonia Mundi, Naxos.

Series compiled by Jérôme Lejeune.

It even gets better after the first time. I have more boxes from Jerome Lejeune on my list, which will soon be ordered.

Locatelli, Pietro Antonio. (1695-1764) Violin sonatas I. CD 3, opus 6, 1-4. The Complete edition.

A second rerun of this box.
CD 3.
See review November 2, 2016.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pejačević, Dora.(1885-1923) The Complete Piano Works. CD 2.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: September 2017.
First listen: 19-10-2017.
Label: CPO
CD 2 of 2.
Recording dates: June/July 2014.
Venue: SWR Stuttgart Kammermusikstudio, Germany.
Sound engineer: Burkhard Pfitzner-Landeck.
Total time CD 1: 78:22.

Works on this CD:

9 Walzer-Capricen opus 28.
Sonate opus 36 in B minor.
Berceuse opus 20 and opus 2.
Capriccio opus 47.
Zwei Klavierskizzen opus 44.
Zwei intermezzi opus 38.
Gondellied opus 4.
Chanson sans paroles opus 5& 10.
Menuett opus 7.
Impromptu opus 9a.
Trauermarsch opus 14.
Humoreske opus 54a.
Caprice opus 54b.

Performed by:
Nataša Veljković, piano.

As to performance and interpretation you may read the review of disc 1 on 17-10-2017, in which I am clear about the excellence of this set.
The producers opted for recording the latest works first and so progress towards the earlier compositions and that works rather well. After being flabbergasted by the beauty of Blumenleben opus 19 on disc one, into to the heart rendering Trauermarsch opus 14 on disc 2 is quite a big step. The works on CD 2 are substantial if it comes to the content, but rather short in time which is a pity. For there is not a single composition that bears not the exclusive stamp of this remarkable female composer. It does not matter where you start, be it the opus 44 or the opus 38, or the excellent sonate in B minor, it will most certainly dazzle you into admiration. What a pity that her life was cut short because of kidney failure during childbirth when she was 38. What marvels would have come from this beautiful intelligent woman! These piano works are showing her versatility on this instrument, and she certainly scored her successes through all these miniatures. Not salon music mind, but fully developed masterworks in their own right.  She needs to be remembered. The sound and performance of both discs is excellent.
Note: The timings on CD 2 are most of the time wrong, pieces are longer as stated, which is good news.

L'Orgue Classique Français 1650-1800. 150 ans de musique du Grand Siècle à la Révolution Française.CD 6.

New acquisition.
Date of purchase: 2016.
First listen: 20-10-2017.
Label: Ligia.
CD 6 from 10.
Recording dates: ?
Venues: L'église Saint Maurice de Soultz, l'abbatiale-Sainte-Croix de Bordeaux, l'Église Notre Dame des Vertus d'Aubervilliers, France.
Sound engineer: Eric Baratin.
Remastering: Eric Baratin. (2015)
Total time: 75:02.

 Composers & Works on this CD:

Michel Corrette.
Pièces de mon Livre de Clavecin qui se peuvent toucher sur l'Orgue-1734.
Premier Livre de l'Orgue-1737. Magnificat in the 1e 2e 3e 4e 8e ton

Jean Philippe Rameau.
Chaconne (à 4 mains avec Cédric Meckler-1735.
(Les Indes Galantes d'Après la version pour 2 clavecins de l'auteur)
1e et 2e Menuets, Modéré ( à 4 mains avec Cédric Meckler-1735)

Jean Féry Rebel.
Loure: La Terre et l'Eau-Chaconne: Le Feu-1737. (Les Élémens, extraits transcrits)

Jean André Silbermann-1750.
Dom Bedos de Celles-1744/1750.
Le Pescheur ou Valéran de Héman-1635.

Performed by:
Olivier Vernet.

This CD is filled with a lot of goodies. The works of Michel Corrette are remarkable in expression and the many colours Vernet gets out of this music. I am a great admirer of Corrette's music and am served copiously. The Magnificats are simply marvelous. No less are the works of Rameau and Rebel. Powerful works beautifully expressed on the organs above mentioned. In this Vernet 
never disappoints. And neither is the sound of the instruments. This box turns out to be an immense success to me. Until now not one disc really made me look away. A treasure trove of music gorgeously performed and recorded.

Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel. (1839-1901) Complete Piano works, CD 3. Second rerun.

Second rerun of this fabulous set, much praised by me and many others. An indispensable set. See first review: 21-10-2016. Bought in May ...