Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Acquisition. "Les Rois de Versailles"

New acquisition.
Bought in January 2015.
First listen.
Label: Brilliant. (Original recording)
Recording dates: June 2014.
Recording venue: Chateau de Cessigny, Touraine, France.
Recording engineer: Jiri Heger.
Running time: 56:43.
Classical relevance: If you like this music and instrument, worthwhile to have.

Works performed: 
Robert de Visee. (ca.1665-1732/33)

Suite in A minor.
Suite in D minor.

Germain Pinel. (ca.1600-1661)

Suite in D minor.
Suite in F.*
Suite in G minor.*

* Denotes World premiere recordings.

Performed by:
Miguel Yisrael, Lute.
Instrument: 11-course Baroque Lute by Cezar Mateus, 2012, Princeton, USA.

Two world premieres no less on this CD, works never recorded before, and that makes this cd a novelty not to be missed. Yisrael is not a unknown musician in this field. I known this for a long time, for I have quite a few recordings by him. A thoughtful and scholarly performer with a penchant for detail and phrasing. His artistry lies in the fact that he is totally committed to this instrument and this you hear in both the composers on the disc. His tempi give the music time to breath without hampering the flow, which is a constant throughout. He excels especially in the suites by Robert de Visee, which you might hear in the Allemande, first movement of the Suite in D minor. German Pinel is a great composer too. The three suites composed by him, breath the same excellence as De Visee. The Suite in F might be a good suite to sample if you want to hear this. The recording is excellent. Booklet gives a lot of info about the Kings of Versailles, their instruments the Lute, a short history of the rise and fall of the lute, and a short biography about both composers. A literature list is added too.
A really successful recording, be it a short playing time. An extra suite or two was possible.

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